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Do not share these on your own social media, be that Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc, and do not use these as illustrations for articles, events, or features without Sinclair’s and the photographer’s expressed permission. Thank you!

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Photos by Bill Wadman. See more on Flickr.

tdg shoot2 IMG_7440 IMG_7439
Photos by The Dirty Gentleman. See more on Flickr.

IMG_8771 IMG_8880 IMG_8840

Photos by Breathless Exposure Photography. See more on Flickr.

Sinclair (31 of 55) Sinclair (1 of 55) Sinclair (20 of 55)
Photos by Najva Sol, May 2015. See more on Flickr.

Sinclair online8 Sinclair online30 Wendi Kali
Photos by Wendi Kali, April 2015. See more on Flickr.

zedFinal The Identity Project Photo by Sarah Deragon_060 Puppet-MasterColor

Photos by Sarah Deragon, April 2014, for The Identity Project

06 16 26
Photos by Meg Allen, April 2013. See more on Flickr


Photos by Kristy Boyce for the What Dyke Looks Like project, 2012. See more on Flickr



Photos by Bill Wadman, 2012. See more on Flickr.


Photos from The Inspired Word NYC, 2012


First two photos by Bill Wadman, 2012; third photo by Stacie Joy at Dark Odyssey Summer Camp, 2011


Photos by Shilo McCabe in the Bay Area, 2011


Photos by Lauren Cohn-Frankel at Feelmore 510 in Oakland during the BUTCH Voices 2011 National Conference


Photos by Yi-Ching Lin for DapperQ 2011


Photos by SD Holman for the Butch Project, Portland 2010


Photos by Syd London in Brooklyn, 2010. See the full set of photos over on Syd’s Flickr


Photos by David Flores, Book release party for Fervor: Poems From the East Village, Bowery Poetry Club in 2008. See the full set of photos over on Flickr.


Photos by Bill Wadman in 2007. See the best from this shoot over on Flickr.