The Ongoing Quest To Be Sexually Fulfilled on Good Vibes Magazine

My first piece is up over on the magazine run by Good Vibrations, and this one is about The Ongoing Quest To Be Sexually Fulfilled, about having an active sex life within a long term relationship.

That’s where that whole online writing project (aka blog) of mine started, really: in an attempt to write myself into a better sex life, and into personal relationships about my own sexuality, gender identity and expression, and sustaining relationships. For the first three years, I was attempting to write myself into a long term, stable, sane relationship, in part because I wanted to have a better sex life and in part for all the rest of the good stuff that comes with intimacy, cohabitation, and love.

And now, I’ve found the girl I’ve been with for a year and a half, Kristen. And the longer we’re together, the longer it seems we’ll last.

So, now what? Is my quest for a fulfilled sex life over?

Read the whole piece over on the Good Vibes Magazine.

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