Review of Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Volume 5 by Shiane D. Jacocks

Throughout this anthology, both pain and pleasure are often desired, and this looks different for each person, based on their needs and wants. Some stories do tackle depression, self-harm, and trauma. However, it is held with precision and tact. They ask the question; how does one find pleasure and safety when this is reoccurring?

In this feminist erotica, the writing in this anthology is honest and vulnerable, accepting that while not all sexual acts are rosy, it does not need to be overpowered by abuse or hurt. While the work does not address directly the many ways that queer and marginalized bodies deal with racism, violence, and oversexualization, they are there, in the background, far away from the characters—providing freedom and centering their needs first, having each story provide light in every corner.

— Review on Gather the Magic by Shiane D. Jacocks